Camembert with Macadamia and Gooseberry Glaze recipe

Indulge with this decadent recipe for Camembert with Macadamia and Gooseberry Glaze

100 g macadamia nuts, coarsely chopped
250 g Cape gooseberry jam
250 ml chardonnay white wine
250 g fresh Cape gooseberries
500 g Camembert cheese, at room temperature
to serve: brandy snaps

How to
Heat a frying pan and briefly toast the nuts, shaking the pan constantly. Add the jam and wine and bring to a boil. Cook rapidly without a lid until reduced and sticky.

Add the fresh gooseberries and stir. Remove from heat at once, and pour over cheese. Serve warm with brandy snaps.

Recipe and video provided courtesy of I Love Cooking.

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