Home Made Ice Cream recipe

This hand made Ice Ceam recipe will be a great addition to your Christmas dessert menu

2 tablespoons sugar
1 cup half and half (half milk, half cream)
2 tablespoons your favourite flavored liquid coffee creamer
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
lots of ice
1/2 cup rock salt

How to
In a 1 litre ziplock bag, combine sugar, half and half, coffee creamer and vanilla extract. Seal the bag allowing as much air out as possible.

You can double bag it just to make sure the bag doesn’t puncture or rip. Then mix well by squishing it with your hand so the sugar doesn’t clump at the bottom.
Using large ziplock bags, fill it half up with ice and mix with rock salt.

If you may want to double bag it. Bury your litre bag with the ice cream mixture in the middle of the ice. Then seal the bags while allow as much of the air out as possible.

Shake it for 15-20 minutes. It might help to wrap a kitchen towel around it or oven mitts so your hand doesn’t freeze.

Rather than using ziplock bags for the ice, you can use large containers with lids. Just make sure you fill up the entire container with ice. Shake and/or roll your container to freeze the cream.

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  • Nirvana

    My recipe is much easier. Whip 500 ml fresh cream until you have soft peaks. Pour in one can of condensed milk and 15 ml Vanilla extract/essence. Gently mix together and pour into a container (an old ice cream container works perfectly), seal with the lid and freeze for a minimum of six hours (No need to stir or mix it). For homemade chocolate “ice cap”: Melt 100 g of chocolate in the microwave and mix in 30 ml of virgin coconut oil. Drizzle over ice cream once you serve it. Chocolate sauce will harden and form a nice cap due to the cold ice cream