Courgette Squares recipe

A simple breakfast or lunch recipe for Courgette Squares

400g courgettes
1 onion
Handful of chives
200g feta
1 cup Sasko Self- Raising Flour
4 large eggs
½ cup oil
Salt and pepper

How to
Preheat oven to 180C and grease a small rectangular baking dish (approx 20cm by 30cm)

Grate courgettes and onion and put into a bowl with chopped chives and crumbled feta.

Add the remaining ingredients, stir to combine and pour into the dish.

Level the mixture out with a spoon and bake for 45 minutes until slightly browned and cooked through.

Cut into squares and serve hot or cold.

Variation: For something a little different add 100g cooked bacon bits to the mixture before baking.

Tip 1: These squares are perfect for lunch boxes/picnics or as a snack especially if you are on the go.

Tip 2: If you want to ‘posh’ up these low budget treats up for a special occasion simply top them with some cream cheese/cottage cheese and smoked salmon – garnish with chives and lemon wedges. They will most certainly wow your guests!!!

Recipe provided by Sasko. Visit their Facebook page for more delicious recipes.

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